The next K5CM FMT: August 10th 2016

20 meters near 14121 kHz

1900 utc  (2pm CDT)

TX station: W6OQI

Two 20 meters runs, the first beaming 70 degrees, the second beaming 340 degress. Both runs on the same frequency. The second run starts immediately following the first run. 


The exact time and frequency is tentative, please check back on the day of the FMT for last minute changes.

40 meters near 7067 kHz

0230 UTC (9:30PM CDT)

TX station: K5CM


80 meters near 3599 kHz

0245 UTC (9:45) kHz

TX station: K5CM


All runs will start with a three minute call up (or longer), then a 2 minute key down. 

Tune plus and minus several kHz in case there is a QRM problem.

Be sure to use the K5CM Web entry form (below).


Feel free to play with the entry form before the FMT. I will clear it a few hour before the FMT starts.




Web entry form Be sure to reload/refresh the form.... 


Send wave files, screen caps, etc to


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