August 21, 2015 (Wednesday evening)  



I'm still having problems with the "Form" that I have not resolved.
I know it's short notice, but I would like to do a regular FMT tonight and get some more form entries to look at.
I'm mainly looking for entries that get dropped, like what happened to Dave, KK4KAZ on Wednesday evening.
So if you see that you reading is missing from the results, let me know.
Put all three bands on the same Form.... this is not a time event.
I will start on 20 meters at 9:00 pm CDT (0200 UTC)
then move to 40, then 80.
Start times on 40 and 80 will be as soon as I can change frequencies and tune the exciter and amp so it want take to much of your time.
Thanks and 73,
Connie, K5CM





0200 UTC (9pm CDT)
Near 14121 kHz

0230 UTC (9:30pm CDT)

40 Meters
Near  7064 Khz


0300 UTC (10:00pm CDT)

80 Meters

Near 3599 Khz




This FMT will be more about making a quick reading than absolute accuracy.


K5CM will do a 5 minute FMT call up near the published frequency. At the end of the call up the TX frequency will be shifted by up to +/- 15 Hz. Then key down for 30 seconds. Measure the frequency of the key down signal and report your results with the Web entry form. 


To make the ranking list,  your reading must be within .5 Hz  (the entry server will automatically time stamp the entry with-in 1 second).

If you make a mistake and submit more than once your last submission (for that band) will be the one that counts.


Hint: Have the Web entry form already filled out except for the frequency. 

You should of course submit  separate Web entry forms for each band




Web entry form Be sure to reload/refresh the form.... 


Send wave files, screen caps, etc to


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